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“Stop thinking that the club is going to fall apart as soon as you leave, we wont wreck the place”

That’s said and then a while later I leave for five mins to get coffee and upon return I get outvoted by someone who’s not even on the committee and then I have the equipment manager say that cutting the only fully functioning long arm guard that the club has in half is a perfectly acceptable thing to do because ciaran wanted a short armguard instead of getting a damn short one, a week before he gets his own equipment which includes an arm guard of his own so wont even have a need to use the mutilated one whch now means that people like Karen will end up with wrecked arms.

Yeah. I hereby wash my hands of the club and its running and condemn it to whatever negligence its committee bestoe upon it.


When someone stabs you in the back you would tend to have a fairly normal reaction of shutting them out of your life and moving on. What happens though when its someone that has hurt your family but you are the only one that has the bad feelings towards them?

But hey, lets add another twist to the tale. Lets make the person that caused you the pain a relative that you always got on with and who was always liked by the family. What can you do then?

Of course lets say there’s another twist to the tale. How about we make you and the mother the only ones that know that there’s anything wrong while the siblings are blissfully unaware of any problems. How are you supposed to fend off the questions of why you ain’t excited by the news that this hypothetical back stabber has brought when you are probably the reason that the news was delivered in the first place? How are you supposed to hide your real feelings from the true victim who just wants to brush everything under the rug and pretend like nothing happened?

Like, how are you meant to play happy families when all you want to do is prune the family tree!

You know, hypothetically speaking…

Right, I know its been a very long time coming but I have finally gone to the bother of uploading the videos of the job on the house and putting them up here like I told a few people I would.

They are in the order that they were taken and in the actual dates of it too with the first being on the twenty fourth of may so you can wander through the different entries to locate them and view them if you so wish.


Right, today was fairs day and I’m poperly bolloxed from it. Lotsa talking and yelling in a very hot room with no fresh air and convincing people to join a club in a way that doesn’t sound like we just want their money.

Managed to get around a hundred and sixty people which is down from last year but there seems to be a few keepers so it ain’t too bad overall =)

But anyway, time to hoist the stuff back home and get ready for archery and capitation work tomorrow. Fun times!

Right, at the moment I am in a plane with a window seat just behind the wing. It’s def my favourite place to sit in a plane without a doubt =)

I love flying, after going by boat its my fav way to travel without a doubt, like yeah, if there are long queues it can be awkwars and ive never gotten as thorough a searching when i set off the metal detector as i did today (stupid metal covered jeans!) but like its such a great feeling when you get to take off and feel the pressure against you and see the ground melt away as yoy get higher and higher. For me the feeling is almost unbeatable!

Of course theres times that are better than others like for me id pick flying at night over any other times, its actually a night time one that im on now which is awesome! Like i know it might sound weird but theres something magical about seeing the lights of whatever city you are leaving spread out before you before thinning out as you come to the coast and they fade out entirely. Its great and right now actually im getting to see the sunset that i saw a while ago all over again. It was awesome bursting up through the clouds and seeing the sky slowly turning red. I dont get that view too often because its almost impossible to time it right but even if you dont get it the rising through the clouds is always awesome and it always makes me think of Aladdin and the part in it when he is bringing jasmin on the carpet for the first time.

Its actually the one thing im really jealous about with my friend Brian, see he trained to become a pilot and graduated at almost the top of his class and he has his pick of places at the moment. Now, while thats awesome and i am delighted for him i am really envious that he gets this view for a living. Like if he gets to choose red eye flights he can see this practically whenever he likes and with a panoramic view from the cockpit. Its something that id love to be able to do but for now i guess I’ll just have to stick to this small window with the best view in the world =)

Right, well as president of the archery club it falls to me to do things like reply to demands made by the SU of an archery blurb for the first year booklet to give an idea of what the club is like. This is what I came up while approx 35,000 feet in the air on my way to germany yesterday and after getting a good review from Aislinn I sent it in. So anyway here is is for the critics of the internet to get their teeth into…

Like power? Like speed? Like shooting arrows at stuff? Then the archery club is the place to be!

From the serious shooter to those into innuendo, we accomodate you all and facilitate the addiction that you are sure to obtain before long.

We have training twice a week in the main sports hall, usually from 3 till 7 so no matter how hectic your timetable might get you should be able to fit some shooting time into your schedule.

But wait, theres more! If you impress us with your shooting (or would just like to see what all the fuss is about) you will be in with a great chance to join the team that travells the country to intervarsities and various other competitions to be in with an ever increasing chance to win medals, get your picture taken and bring glory back to Maynooth!

Of course, if fun is more your goal we cater for that too with events such as one on one shoots with other colleges or teaming up with other clubs and socs such as omega where we had poster shoots and got to show that the Cullens are not as impervious to our arrows as they would like you to believe…

And to think, all that and more for just €2 at fairs day. Who could say no to that?!

Ok I is properly broken! The lads were up on Monday and went home on Wednesday and I haven’t been as wrecked in a long time!

There was drinking and dancing and having a laugh and beatings that left my arms in bits but the real thing that got me was our competitive nature. See whenever all of us meet up for a session we tend to go crazier then we normally are and this time it led to seeing who is the strongest and by how much. It sounded like a good idea at the time and so when we headed up to the gym and started piling on the weights it was great craic. Of course Conor and I are the strongest out of the group and so we ended up with a good high amount. He benched 65kg I did 80, he could pull 87kg (I think) I could do 119kg but it’s with the legs that we really shone. It took a few minutes but we both manages to get 213kg on the foot press one which was great apart from the fact that we have no idea if we can do more and who is actually stronger seen as there was no heavier setting! In the end we unfortunately had to settle for calling it a draw till the time we find a place that has more weights attached for us to use but it put the Lyons tea ad into my head, this one to be precise =)

Of course calling something a draw is never enough so we end up doing squats, first with Aidan on our back but seen as both of us fall, me after six and Conor after five, we decide to start doing them with Chris on our backs. I don’t know whether it’s the fact that Chris didn’t keep waving his arms about trying to stabilize himself like Aidan or if it’s just because he is lighter but it was a fucktonne easier with him and Conor got 20 while I got 24 before getting bored and just putting him down as the victor (although to be fair Conor stopped for the exact same reason…)

And so, competitive nature subsided for a bit our legs decided to get payback by screaming at us over everything from sitting down to going down stairs. I’d say the next few days shall be a lot of fun to say the least…

Right, well it would seem that after a few nights of trying to get my new router working on the new computer I have finally tinkered with the settings enough and got it going and so now the computer is all connected to the interwebs and whatnot.

I know it will sound stupid but I am really happy with the set up of the computer seen as the tower lights up blue when you turn it on, the power indicator on the monitor that I bought separately is blue and now the lights that indicate that everything is ok with the router are blue too! =D Hows that for good colour coordination =P

But yeah, wired set up for the computer, wireless set up for the APad and my siblings if they are upstairs and want the internet (although I first have to set up the wireless connection on their laptops first) and to top it all off I shall set it up on the PS3 also when I am on it next so it shall be a very good time all round! It seems to be working really well and the specks are actually really good for it and so for anyone that is interested it’s the Belkin N router with the two antenna.

Anyway, with it approaching half two I better get off the computer and hit the hay for work tomorrow so i had best leave it at this for now.

Ok, it turns out that I was wrong with a few of my assumptions, namely the location of some of my stuff.

See, I have two phones, one with an 087 number which is my main one and another with an 085 number which I have for other varied uses but while I was in the flat I believed that I managed to pack my 085 phone into the box by mistake and so yesterday when I got my boxes back from Joans garage thanks to the guy she is with finally coming back with the keys I rooted through them and put stuff away and then I noticed that both my disk with Microsoft office on it was missing (I found an empty case in one of the boxes though) and my phone was not in it as I believed!

There are only two possibilities that I can think of, either the stuff is in another box (which I doubt very very much seen as the only other box I have I have filled to the brim with dvds) or Joan took them.

I really hope that the latter ain’t true because I don’t want to have to accuse her of taking them because she has been really nice in the years that I’ve known her!

Actually, come to think of it, the drink that I put in those boxes ain’t in them either…